Malana “The Village That Grows The World’s Best Hashish”


It’s something that is different about this village. People, houses, food, water are all different and unique from other villages. People of Malana believes that they are of pure iron race true decanted of Alexandra The Great and that is why they want to maintain less contact with the outside world as possible. The village is unaffected by the modernisation maintaining its natural beauty, culture and innocency although trading of Malana Cream is an illegal activity. Most of the local smuggle it for good earn. Though government licence can be permitted for certain purposes in India. The 1985 narcotic act. makes the herbs illegal to cultivate or sell for general purpose. If you go to Amsterdam the quality Hashish called the Malana Cream. This is the place that you have must visit once in life.

How to Reach Malana Village


This particular village is considered the most sacred village of India. If you are looking for trekking and sightseeing then Malana Village is the best option for you and let me tell you the way to reach this village so are in order to reach. The first reach Jari which is almost 10 kilometres from Kasol main square you can easily get the buses and the taxis and once you are at the Jari then you have to start trekking. You have to trek for 1-hour and after 1-hour trekking you would be at Malana Village so you can explore the village so you can buy some local stuff for yourself or you can just enjoy the serenity of this place.

Language of Malana Village

Kanashi, the language of Malana, does not resemble any of the dialects spoken in its neighbourhood but seems to be a mixture of Sanskrit and several Tibetan dialects. The locals claim to be one of the oldest democracies in the world.

What It Is Famous For?

Malana is famous for its “Malana Cream” a product made from cannabis plants which grow in the Parvati Valley. Hashish is the drug made from the resin of cannabis plant. Basically resin glands called “trichomes” is compressed and purified to make the Hashish. The resin contains


THC’s(tetrahydrocannabinol) and the extracted part has this compound is very high amounts compared to normal cannabis flower.

North India and Nepal have a long tradition for the production of Hashish also called “charas”.

The Secrets Of Malana

Malana Village

According to local Legends, a sage Jamlu Devta inhabited the place and established a unique system of law and order of the people of Malana. The locals still follow the system and believe that the sage keeps an eye on them even now. They believe in their god(Devta) and follow his will according to villagers. From eating, living, earning money, each and everything is because of their god. They cannot neglect the will of their god otherwise something bad would fall on the village.


Jamdagni Rishi was a passionate believer of SHIVA. He prayed tirelessly to Shiva and for which the God granted him a boon. The sage asked for a secluded place that is also full of natural bounty. Shiva told him to go to Malana.

Where he meditated for several years and became popular amongst its people. Today the spirit of Rishi stills stays in the corner of the Malana. The locals communicate with it through select deities or Godmen and hence they slove all their disputes in their own courts through the “Voice Of God”.

No police or government laws work and if still any local resident wants to involve the government or the police they have to pay RS. 1000/- fine to the village council.

But now Malana is mostly famous for the high-quality marijuana that it produces popular around the world as the “Malana Cream”.

Despite the fact that consuming weed in India is illegal.

Malana locals deliver this contraband product to bigs town and areas with high demands. In recent history, the Government has tried multiple times to stop this practice but has not been very successful.


In, 2016 the local government estimates 240 hectors of the lands in the region were used for cannabis cultivation. Producing more than 12000kilograms of Hashish and to avoid major government intervention they grow marijuana far in the surrounding forests which makes these areas impossible for the police to reach.

Malana Tips and Taboos


You have to be very careful while you are here, you cannot touch their temple, there are paths well defined on which you are allowed to walk, some places are prohibited to visit inside village not only for outsiders but also for Malanis. If you eat an egg of chicken inside the village you have to pay a fine for 9000 Rs. Malani’s cannot enter the cafe, so there are rules and regulations that you have to follow otherwise the villagers boycott the peoples those who break the rules. They don’t prefer outsiders and hence this village is a little isolated from the foreign worlds.

There were some cafes and restaurants here in the past but they were all shut down as gods (Devta) were not willing. So no cafe could be open until and unless they worship their Devtas and god instructs them to open cafes.

There are rules like you cannot touch people you cannot visit their houses, we cannot go to their temples so travelling and staying in malana is a little different experience. So when you visit here come with an open mind and follow rules, believe me, it’s a gorgeous place and you will not forget the experience.

Some interesting stories of the village.

Matters resolved on the basis of the death of Lambs: Whenever there is a conflict between two parties, they are asked to bring out their best lambs. A deep cut is made in foreleg of each land and then it is poisoned. Then the party whose lamb die first looses.

Education: The people believe more in godly teachings rather than schools. There is one primary and one middle school. The interesting fact is that only 2 students exist in the village who reached 12 standards.

Malana Shaun is a festival celebrated on 15 aug during which everybody takes bath and some group of people dance wearing nothing but cannabis leaves and wear masks and spread cow-dung on houses that serve as insulation.

Best time to visit the Village

March to July are the best months to visit the mountains. Do not visit in the rainy season as there is a risk of landslides always. Winters are unbearable here so if you can bear extreme cold then do visit because ice-capped mountains are the real beauty.


For accommodation, I preferred to have camps. There are locals providing tents for two, three, or four at nominal prices. Prices vary from 600Rs to 2000Rs. Please bargain for prices otherwise they will ask for unreasonable amounts.

Some locals also provide rooms and it will cost you around 800Rs-1500Rs. People from the village still believes that the villagers should not provide rooms to the outsiders and hence it’s a little difficult to find rooms here. So I will advise you to check the availability of rooms available or not.

Mountains are always been fascinating for the outsiders. People come here in search of something peaceful. As more and more outsiders are visiting these places they are being degraded. You have to be very responsible, a humble request from all of you please don’t throw plastics, cans or any non-biodegradable wastes in the mountains as it contaminates the environment. There are some recent findings of shifting of glacier belts, less snow etc.

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